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About YIIT

YIIT is short form for Young India Information Technology Services Private Limited. Incorporated from Hyderabad in 2006, YIIT began operations in May 2007 out of STPI's (Software Technology Parks of India) incubation center in Tirupati. In the first year of operations, YIIT provided Content Management, Open Source and SEO support services to a select few customers based out of Europe and North America. After a brief year in Tirupati, YIIT relocated back to Hyderabad in 2009 wherefrom it continues to function to date.

YIIT has significant capabilities in the areas of Custom Application development, Collaborative Product Development and FinTech. It has provided support to over 200 customers and partners worldwide in Enterprise Software(s) such as Infor Syteline (CSI), Infor Visual Mfg and Microsoft Sharepoint. YIIT has also collaborated and built platforms with Open Source Technologies. It has accrued Domain Expertise in the global Financial Industry, Manufacturing Sector and in the world of Education via Elearning.

We Provide

  1. Implementation, Support and Managed Services for Infor Suite: Syteline (CSI), Visual, ION, BridgeLogix, CPQ, EAM
  2. Implementation, Support and Managed Services for Microsoft Suite: .NET, Sharepoint, SQL, SSRS, Dynamics, Axapta, BI
  3. Product Development utilizing Legacy & Blockchain Technology for Crowdfunding, Microlending, P2P Lending & Loan Management Domains.
  4. Development and Support for all Open Source Products
  5. IoT Development and Marketing for Agro based and Storage Industries
  6. General IT Security and System Administration
  7. Consulting for Cross Geographic Marketing and Migration Support.

Our Specialties

Infor Suite, Microsoft Suite, IBM Blockchain, Open Source, FinTech, Crowdfunding, Blockchain, IoT, AI, IT Security, Mobile Apps

Young India has recently become an Infor Value Added Reseller (VAR) for Cloudsuite Industrial (Syteline), ION, BridgeLogix, EAM and CPQ. Our plans are to be counted amongst the Top 10 Consulting shops centered around Syteline, SharePoint and BlockChain. We will also continue to invest Copious hours, Ideas and Intellect in various Equity based Ventures especially in FinTech, AI, Machine Learning, 3D Printing and Drobotics space.

Please feel free to send an email to info@yiit.net.in for any additional information about the company and its future plans. For Investor prospectus and to get a detailed financial report, please send an email to pkumar@yiit.net.in or subbanna@yiit.net.in

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Please feel free to send an email for any additional information about the company.