Welcome to Young India Information Technology Group


We are Hiring !!!

We are looking to hire the following positions in India and APAC region.

All Positions are blended (remote plus limited office time in Hyderabad or Tirupati) for the next year or so.

Our Openings Include:

  1. Infor Syteline Developers (10) With 3 yrs of Syteline V 9/10 cloud experience.
  2. Infor ION developers (2) With 3 years experience in ION development.
  3. IoT Programmers (5)with 3 years of experience working on various Technologies.
  4. Systems Administrator (1)with 3-5 years of experience in Windows, Linux and Cloud Environments.

  5. College Graduates (15) With certifications & projects in C#/SQL/.NET/ SSRS/python/ React/Node.js.
  6. Experienced Microsoft C#. NET programmers (3) With 3 years of experience
  7. Experienced QA (2) with 3 yrs of Manual and Automated experience testing ERP’s and IoT Applications.
  8. IT Sales Manager (2) With 3-5 yrs experience selling Infor Syteline Implementation, Support and Consulting Services.
  9. IT Sales Executives (2)With 3-5 yrs experience selling IoT Implementation, Support and Consulting Services.
  10. HR/Recruiting Executive(1) With 3 years experience recruiting for customers in USA, Europe and India. Must be able to handle external and internal recruitment.

Please send your resumes to
rohini.yadav@yiit.net.in,  pkumar@yiit.net.in,  subbanna@yiit.net.in

Thank you !


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